Unique Approach

IGS provides a unique blend of research and strategic consulting, delivering the hard data needed by our clients to make confident decisions.  We define and frame the key areas under investigation for deal teams, investment committees, lenders, or management teams, while working collaboratively with our clients to ensure all issues are covered.  With deep experience across all major industries, IGS quickly develops the analyses and information required to drive to industry specific insight. 

Foundation of Research

IGS builds a proprietary fact base for each engagement from a combination of in-depth, direct market feedback (primary research), and third-party information, including company and industry research.

Frequently the markets we evaluate are not well covered by publicly available research. IGS has a unique ability to efficiently design, execute, and collect feedback directly from market stakeholders such as current and former customers, competitors, suppliers, and other industry executives and experts.  IGS efficiently synthesizes this direct market feedback with public industry and company information to provide a comprehensive and proprietary market view.

Actionable Insight

Our approach delivers robust and unbiased information, from which we generate actionable insight for our clients to make better decisions.