Associates deliver actionable insight and answers to our clients’ key questions by helping to design and conduct research, prepare analyses, and create client presentations.

Individuals interested in evaluating business strategies, assessing investment opportunities, and assuming a high level of responsibility will find the IGS associate role exciting and challenging. Members of the IGS team quickly gain in-depth knowledge of diverse markets by evaluating a broad range of industries for private equity firms and corporate clients.

IGS' entrepreneurial environment provides individuals the unique opportunity to shape their own professional development as well as the culture and operations of the firm.

Associate Skill Development

IGS associates develop a strong set of fundamental business skills through their project work, including the following:

Hard Skills

  • Design and execute complex quantitative analysis, including market size and share analyses, through the interpretation of primary and secondary research
  • Develop proprietary interview guides and presentations to effectively address clients’ key issues
  • Conduct professional and thorough interviews with high-level executives
  • Locate and synthesize both qualitative and quantitative publicly-available information
  • Develop proficiency in database and spreadsheet modeling
  • Create client presentations, from storyboard to final deliverable

Soft Skills

  • Operate in a team-based working and learning environment
  • Refine formal presentation skills through presentations in case team meetings and training events
  • Manage and motivate teams of researchers in IGS’ research center
  • Learn to work well under tight time frames and stay focused under pressure
  • Train and mentor new associates on research and analytical skills

Associate Professional Development

Consulting is by its nature an apprenticeship industry. Much of the learning occurs through doing. That said, IGS is committed to developing the capabilities of each of its members through both formal and informal programs.


Upon joining the firm, associates participate in a hands-on orientation program. More seasoned members of the firm provide an overview of the case process from start to finish, including designing and conducting research, data analysis, and Excel and PowerPoint training.

In addition to “on-the-job” training, the firm delivers training sessions throughout the year. Consultants and associates jointly prepare and lead these training sessions. Topics cover skill development areas ranging from modeling and research to presentation skills.

Associates are encouraged to take additional classes offered through extension programs to further develop their content knowledge of relevant topics including accounting or statistics. IGS provides full tuition reimbursement for these classes.


IGS pairs new associates with a mentor, typically a more experienced associate. Mentors provide associates with practical advice and training to supplement the learning that happens in the case teams.

Development Assessments

Associates receive frequent, informal feedback on their progress and development. These assessments provide coaching and guidance on an individual’s skill and career development.

Associate Career Path

Associates who perform at or above expectations in terms of skill development are promoted to senior associate and given more responsibility in the case teams. They manage less experienced associates on cases by providing training and mentoring. Senior associates also play an important role in IGS internal action items and take lead roles in our recruiting and training programs.

While some associates may opt to attend business school following their years of service, IGS does offer advancement opportunities to those who decide not to pursue an MBA.

Life After IGS

Most associates leave IGS to pursue an advanced degree, typically an MBA. We encourage and support an associate’s pursuit of an MBA. To that end, we offer, on a select basis, tuition reimbursement to associates should they wish to return after graduating from business school. In addition, senior members at IGS help with interview coaching and provide recommendations.

IGS has a strong track record of sending associates to top schools including, Tuck School of Business, The Wharton School, MIT Sloan School of Management, The Fuqua School of Business, and The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Other associates have carried the skills they have developed to other sector opportunities, including corporate strategy, business development, private equity, and non-profit work.

Apply for Associate Role


IGS is looking for candidates who are intellectually curious, driven, and excited about working in a small entrepreneurial firm. IGS invites undergraduates with strong research and quantitative skills from any major to apply. In addition, candidates should be interested in:

  • Assessing investment and growth opportunities for private equity firms and corporate clients
  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of a wide variety of industries
  • Conducting primary and secondary research to better understand markets
  • Creating complex analyses to answer client’s key questions
  • Synthesizing quantitative and qualitative results to be presented to clients
  • Assuming a high level of responsibility by managing primary research teams
  • Working in a dynamic and collegial environment
  • Working and living in Boston. IGS associates rarely travel.

Campus Recruiting

IGS recruits on campus at Dartmouth College and through The Tuck Bridge Program. Please submit materials through the appropriate campus recruiting process.

Experienced Recruiting

In addition to our campus candidates, IGS is always interested in meeting qualified and interested candidates. In particular, candidates with past experience in research, consulting, or financial analysis and modeling are well suited to join IGS.

Interested candidates can submit their resume and cover letter via email to:
Jennifer O'Hara, Senior Vice President
Investor Group Services
855 Boylston Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02116