IGS fosters a collegial, team-based working and learning environment, and offers a non-hierarchical management structure.  Reflecting the desire to create an open and accessible culture, we have an open working environment where MDs and VPs sit next to associates and consultants in one large room.  We even shuffle seats a couple of times a year to create new connections within our team.  Our open environment fosters a collaborative culture where colleagues can freely exchange ideas and provide support.

Everyone participates in and contributes to the overall growth and development of the firm, whether through delivering training sessions or helping with recruiting.  We also like our employees to take an active role in shaping their experience at IGS and encourage our people to take initiative in organizing firm-wide events.

We believe that work should be fun.  Laughter, respect, and compassion are cornerstones of our interactions with each other.  We celebrate everyone’s birthday with a cake break, enjoy happy hours on our balcony, catch Red Sox games, and spend time together outside of the office.