IGS has advised on hundreds of healthcare opportunities across healthcare providers, outsourced services, technology and supplies.  IGS generates insights from all key stakeholder groups including executives at government and commercial payors, hospitals, other clinical environments, distributors, GPOs, among others.

IGS has helped clients address a range of issues including:

  • Market size and growth volume and pricing
  • Penetration trajectory for new clinical procedures and services
  • Reimbursement trends and impact
  • Regulatory changes and outlook
  • Outsourcing trends and growth
  • Technology trends and threats, including evolving standards of care
  • Underlying procedure volumes and patient outcomes

Healthcare Business Services

  • Dental Practice Management
  • Information Products and Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Charge Master Record Keeping
  • Physician Practice Markets and Billing
  • Patient Admissions
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Benefits and Payroll

Medical/Therapeutic Devices

  • Bariatric Products
  • Orthopedic Devices
  • Wound Care Products
  • Wheelchairs and Lifts
  • Enteral Therapy
  • Braces and Supports
  • Respiratory Equipment
  • Electro Therapy

Providers & Delivery Settings

  • Home Health Services
  • Urgent Care
  • Acute Care Products and Services
  • Long Term Care Products and Services

Surgical Devices & Instruments

  • Surgical Kits
  • Catheter Systems and Disposables
  • Syringes
  • Surgical Trays
  • Mobile Work Stations
  • Sutures
  • Laser Surgical Equipment
  • Reconstructing Tissue

Clinic Services & Staffing

  • Per Diem and Travel Nurses
  • Radiology Technicians
  • Locum Tenums
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Imaging
  • Oncology

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