March 2009 Newsletter Strategic Support Services

March 2009 Newsletter Strategic Support Services

IGS Helps Companies Weather the Economic Storm by Diagnosing Keys to Success

Companies are facing a high degree of uncertainty and challenges in their businesses today. As in previous economic cycles, IGS is working with corporations and portfolio companies to tackle market-oriented strategic agenda issues. Whether you are a financial sponsor with portfolio companies operating under leverage and covenant constraints, or a company executive grappling with a changing and challenging market environment, IGS has deep experience providing clients with the insight and information needed to optimize, refine, and redirect limited resources for maximum benefit.

IGS Tailors Engagements to Fit the Strategic Needs of Each Situation

IGS’ strategic support spans a range of topics but converge on the concept of helping a company achieve its business objectives. Each engagement is crafted to meet the specific needs and priorities of our client. IGS engagements can define pathways for growth, diagnose unexpected sales performance issues and prescribe remedies, and arm executives and investors with the competitive information necessary to move forward with greater clarity.

Typical Strategic Topics IGS Can Help Companies…
Achieving Growth
  • Find new markets and requirements to succeed
  • Determine most attractive current markets for continued growth
  • Identify acquisition opportunities and alignment
  • Deliver ways to achieve target growth objectives

Sales / Marketing Prioritization
  • Verify segments and channels that are best opportunities
  • Establish key requirements and threshold capabilities to serve
  • Create predictive available account revenue modeling
  • Develop information to Improve sales force effectiveness

Performance Gap Assessment
  • Diagnose recent company sales performance
  • Identify vulnerable and better poised segments
  • Evaluate external threats to the business and industry
  • Improve market position and trajectory

Competitive Intelligence
  • Identify and assess new competitors and go-to-market strategies
  • Evaluate offshore competition and opportunity
  • Determine the impact and role of technology
  • Measure market perceived performance relative to competitors

Acquisition Screening & Prioritization
  • Determine acquisition and screening criteria
  • Identify high potential candidates
  • Evaluate target business models
  • Prioritize targets

Broad and Deep Experience

Listed below is a representative sample of recent strategic support work performed by IGS. With topics specific to each client’s situation, these illustrate how IGS can be of value to any company trying to achieve its business goals during challenging economic times.

Industry IGS Provided Answers To…
Book Manufacturing Materials
  • Market positioning assessment
  • Competitive landscape overview
  • Post channel-shift evaluation

Commercial Plumbing Products
  • Analysis of growth opportunities in existing markets

Default Management Services
  • Exploration of growth opportunities in new markets

Dental Products and Services
  • Impact of technology and offshore dynamics assessment
  • Predictive model of potential account revenue

Heavy Industry Components
  • Qualified lead generation organized by industry and metro area

Home Plumbing Products
  • Evaluation of international expansion opportunities

Industrial Components
  • Assessment of expansion opportunity into new country

Industrial Equipment Service and Repair
  • Market positioning assessment and strategic growth initiatives
  • Competitive landscape evaluation

Infrastructure Services
  • Acquisition screen by metro area level

Laminate Products
  • Performance diagnosis and prescription
  • Impact of offshore dynamics and consolidating markets

Legal Services
  • Outsourcing, technology and offshore trends
  • Demand cycle characterization

Market Research Services
  • Demand dynamics and performance diagnosis
  • Exit strategies

Musical Instruments
  • Market and performance benchmarking (ongoing basis)

Nuclear Pharmacy
  • Underperforming segment diagnosis and prescription

Plumbing Infrastructure Products
  • Review of growth opportunities in existing markets

Pre-Engineered Drainage Systems
  • Review of growth opportunities in existing markets

Specialty Foods
  • Exploration of growth opportunities via new products, channels, and end markets

Wellness Products
  • Assessment of growth opportunities in new end markets

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