Alumni Spotlight: Derek Bouchard-Hall named CEO of USA Cycling and Alex Friedman launches LOLA

Derek Bouchard-Hall

Derek Bouchard-Hall, an IGS alum, has been chosen to serve as the next President and CEO of USA Cycling. Derek emerged as the top candidate for the role out of a pool of 47 qualified candidates thanks to his impressive combination of a racing pedigree and extensive business experience. As a former national criterium champion and a member of the 2000 Olympic track squad, Derek brings cycling credentials and deep industry knowledge to the role. However, the USA Cycling Chairman, Bob Stapleton, told “While his breadth and depth of knowledge around the sport is a fortunate plus, we hired him fundamentally for his business background- for what’s he’s done since he left cycling.”

Alex Friedman
Alex Friedman

Derek joined IGS as a consultant after earning his MBA at Harvard Business School and was most recently an Executive at Wiggle, a leading global online retailer of cycling equipment. For more coverage on Derek’s appointment, click here

Alex Friedman, a former IGS Senior Associate, just launched LOLA, a new feminine care brand. LOLA seeks to modernize the feminine care industry through home delivery of 100% cotton tampons in customized assortments. Customers tailor their LOLA subscription to perfectly fit their needs and have the freedom to pause, adjust, or cancel their subscription anytime.

Alex joined IGS as an Associate from Dartmouth College and then worked as an Investment Associate at FLAG Capital Management before heading to Wharton for her MBA.

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