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    • Recession Services Offered by IGS

      Portfolio / Business Recession Analysis – during periods of economic decline, different businesses are impacted in different ways, visibility is less clear, and the most elusive analysis includes “is my business permanently changed.” The answer to that essential question requires information and data that management does not have, and it is critical in determining whether to stay the course or… Read More

    • My Summer at IGS: An Intern’s Perspective

      An IGS Summer Associate shares details on what he learned at the firm, highlights from his experience and advice for future interns. Thank you, Will Gertler, for a successful summer and for sharing your candid thoughts. Click Download PDF above for the full article. Read More

    • Industry Spotlight: Dental Practice Management

      Being on the front end of transaction activity and with the number of middle market relationships we have, IGS is often asked what industry segments are gaining a lot of attention. One such industry is dental, and one specific area is dental practice management (DPM) companies. Accordingly, we wanted to share some high level thoughts on the space for potential… Read More

    • Common Market Diligence Mistakes

      At IGS, we are often are asked to comment on common mistakes private equity clients make during the market diligence process. The top mistakes we see, and do our best to avoid, include: Misjudging demand – Is the company itself growing or is the market booming? Is this a fad or a long-term trend? These are questions to ask prior… Read More

    • Introducing 'IGS Perspectives'

      We are thrilled to announce the launch of ‘IGS Perspectives,’ the blog we created to tell you more about our process, our people, the types of projects that excite us, and our thoughts on the private equity industry as a whole. The IGS team will discuss a variety of topics ranging from the diligence process to insights on specific markets.… Read More