M&A Due Diligence

IGS provides clients with critical insight on key market and strategic issues surrounding a transaction.  IGS is skilled at working within the limited time frames that arise from a transaction process.

IGS has significant experience in accessing key stakeholders such as customers, prospects, competitors, and suppliers (often without assistance from the seller) to develop a proprietary and comprehensive view of industry and company findings.  Our clients leverage these findings to fine tune their investment theses and ultimately the prices they are willing to pay for a company or to walk away from an investment when the findings do not support it.

Representative issues covered include:
  • Quantifying the market opportunity - size, growth, penetration, and segmentation
  • Identifying and assessing the drivers of market and company growth
  • Assessing and validating a company’s value proposition and competitive advantage
  • Evaluating the competitive landscape and the target company’s positioning
  • Analyzing market share and customers’ spending trajectory
  • Determining the purchase decision process and stickiness of relationships
  • Ascertaining pricing and margin sustainability
  • Evaluating attractiveness and viability of growth opportunities