Sell Side Diligence

IGS conducts independent diligence on behalf of investors and management teams preparing a company for sale.  IGS addresses potential investor questions about market size, growth, the competitive landscape, a company’s performance, and adjacent market opportunities on behalf of the seller.

Whether IGS is providing an evaluation of growth and expansion opportunities or better characterizing the strength of the core business and industry, we are able to provide an independent and objective view on our clients’ specific issues.

Our clients are prepared with information generated through an independent and unbiased process in order to best position their assets for sale.

Representative issues include:
  • Confirming the size, growth, and attractiveness of a company’s market, competitive position, and value proposition
  • Verifying and quantifying growth and expansion opportunities
  • Assessing the risk of competition or a new competitive product offering
  • Confirming the strength and health of customer relationships
  • Collecting performance feedback